Wed Jan 07 2009

The new "PR"

I hate the term “PR”. Whenever I hear about it, the word fake pops to mind. The PR industry is changing at a rapid pace though, much due to the influence of people like Gary Vaynerchuck (of Wine Library TV) or Tara Hunt. I would gladly write a full post about how social media is changing the way companies (should) interact with their customers, but I think you’ll get it if you see this. Keep in mind the video below is Gary’s response to one of his websites (Corkd) being hacked:

As an exercise, think about what you just saw and how it compares to the normal reaction to similar situations. It’s not about using video, or using twitter, or communicating instantly. It’s about using the platforms on which your audience engages with you (whatever those might be), and being authentic. Gary sure was.