Sat Aug 22 2009

Slow projects

I’ve been mulling over quite a few projects, posts, presentations; preparing for the future, one might say. And reading one of my favorite blogs ( Cityofsound, by Dan Hill, mind you) I came across this great post from Russel Davies on slow projects. Here’s a piece of it - although I believe you should spend 2 minutes of your time reading the full thing):>So you learn patience, and you realise that those long pauses are opportunities for reflection and that extra goodness might result from all that extra mulling, from stepping away for a while. The excitement and energy of a headlong sprint to execution is addictive and it can get a lot done, it’s mostly what my working life has been about. But I’m enjoying the slow way, it’s almost like craft.

Ah, how it resonated with my current status. There will be obviously be an opportunity for me to talk in greater detail about the things I’ve been working on (or just thinking about). I promise to be more proactive at updating this blog - apologies, dear readers, I know I have been failing you. There’s a few posts lined up that I want to go over just a couple more times, but keep an eye on this space. Be sure to enjoy the summery days.