Sat Dec 12 2009

A quote from Adam Greenfield

Here’s a couple of fragments from a recent post by the always brilliant Adam Greenfield over at Speedbird. Don’t, however, let these quotes deter you away from reading the complete post, as it is quite worth a piece of your weekend reading time:>My own guilty secret is that I don’t follow those names, pay any attention to the various sites and journals people like me are supposed to read, or attend the community’s events, and (to some reasonably approximate value of “never”) never really have. I suppose it’s always possible that I’d be a more accomplished practitioner if I did and had, but my feeling is that there are better and deeper sources of insight available if you dig a little in the history of adjacent design disciplines. (…)

I can tell you that whenever I do get to spend some time with a book like Responsive Environments, I come away enthused, humbled, enriched and inspired, where I think you’d be hard-pressed to say the same of the extant UX literature. And as for the struggles we face in daily working life, it just might be that a challenge seemingly cut from the fabric of this moment alone can yield to an insight hauled up from decades, even centuries, away.

I believe a good designer gets inspiration not only from others in his field but from others in other fields and fields other than his own. Have a great weekend - possibly reading about something you never considered reading about before (maybe you’d like to peruse Adam’s own reading list?).