Wed Jun 23 2010

The oddities of pricing simplicity

37signals just launched a digital sketching application for the iPad. The hat is off to them: it seems interesting enough, and it is interesting to see them step away from the web and dabble into different platforms. This post isn’t about their app, however, but about something I just read on the comments to its release. The user Gregg posts, chiming about the app’s $9.99 price tag (emphasis mine):>I don’t think $9.99 is too expensive. What you’re paying for is the Campfire integration and the judicious removal of features . How soon do you think this app will pay for itself if you consider the cost of your time involved in drawing, scanning and emailing a sketch?

There’s a lot of food for thought in that comment. $9.99 for the judicious removal of features. Is doing less actually worth more? The guys at 37signals have long been advocates for doing less than the competition [1], but actually seeing a client put a value on the lack of features is interesting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it, as I wrap my head around the idea and think about it myself.

[1] Disclosure: in my day job I do belong to the competition, even though we serve somewhat different audiences, with slightly different needs.