Fri Jul 02 2010

App store usability

I love Apple just as much as the next guy (actually, I’m going to assume I love them a bit more than he does), but doesn’t it bother anyone else that after all this time running the app store they still haven’t nailed the buying experience? Look at the screenshot below, straight from the App Store on iTunes. There’s no “Buy” button, or “Download” button. There’s a faux-button that reads “Free”, which they’re somehow expecting people to click in order to download an application.

Now, it doesn’t necessarily bother me because it’s always been this way and I have been on the iPhone since it first got released. But it isn’t the first time that I hear complaints and stories of frustration from people new to the whole experience who can’t figure out how to actually download or pay for applications. Cupertino, what gives? Throw one engineer at the problem for 10 minutes, please.