Fri Oct 08 2010

Joining 500 Startups as a mentor

The last few months have been heavy on thinking for me. Thinking about the things I care about, and figuring out - of all the things I enjoy doing - where my passions truly lie. A while ago it struck me, one of those passions is undoubtedly ideas. Not just my own, or those of my co-founders and friends at Webreakstuff, but ideas in general. More importantly, I love the process of executing them.

Ever since I left Techcrunch a few years ago, I felt like I left a piece of me behind. The daily life of talking to startups, hearing about the problems they were trying to solve, is amazing. So since then, I’ve been looking for the best way to get that piece back - and for new, better ways to give back to startups. Which leads me to today (or yesterday, rather, because that’s when this should have been posted had I not been busy as hell).

I’ve joined 500startups as a mentor, and I’m in amazing, humbling company. This means I’m going to be advising startups, helping out the fund, and generally kicking serious butt. I’m super excited about the future, and can only hope to live up to the expectations.

This doesn’t mean I’m leaving Webreakstuff. In fact, we’re all pumped about something we’re starting to work on now - something that’s been in the backburner for a bit, but that we feel is the right time for. But about that, we’ll speak later. It does means I’m probably going to be spending a little time in the valley every once in a while, which is a good thing - despite the fact that I believe you don’t necessarily have to be in Silicon Valley to create an amazing product, service or startup, breathing the air every so often is something I highly recommend.

For more on this announcement, check out the posts on GigaOm and the official 500startups blog. Now back to work!