Thu Jul 28 2011

So about those animal books,

I wish I could remember the first animal book I bought. As a computer geek, I grew up accustomed to learning through O’Reilly’s long lasting series of books on all-things computing. If I look at my book shelves, there’s a number of them right there, right now - some quite new, some quite old. And it makes me extremely proud to write that pretty soon they’ll be joined by one I wrote with one of my co-founders at my company, Tiago Macedo. It’s a humbling feeling.

##O’Reilly’s Redis Cookbook

So - more about the actual book, less about gloating. Chances are if you’ve seen me speak at a tech event and I wasn’t rambling with my typical entrepreneurship mambo-jambo, you heard me speak about Redis. I guess my relationship with it is the tech equivalent to love at first sight - ever since I first heard about it, I’ve come up with a number of excuses to use it in projects. This isn’t the right post to go into the reasons why you should be using Redis, but here’s what I will say about it: Redis hits the sweet-spot between being close to the metal, and being a ready-made set of tools to slice and dice your data with.

So me and Tiago wrote a relatively short but packed cookbook-style volume on a few things you can use Redis with. We go from installing, to how to use a few clients, to the real deal: building cool stuff with Redis. The full table of contents ( available here) should give you a pretty good idea on what we cover.

So that is that. We wrote a book (which you should be reading, because it’s pretty good) on Redis (which you should be using, because it’s great). I’m excited, proud, and hopefully taking a few days off soon. I hope you like the book - you can buy the ebook or the print version by clicking here.

A final note: I owe a great deal of thanks to a few people, and would like to leave those thanks up here. Andy Oram, our editor, who makes us look pretty darn good with his work over our words; Salvatore Sanfilippo and Pieter Noordhuis for Redis itself and the tech review of our book; Tiago for being a patient co-writer (because I sure was slacking for a while there, while under an email/work deluge); our respective actual companies ( Webreakstuff in my case, 3Scale in Tiago’s) for the extra time to work on this stuff, and finally, everyone at O’Reilly who helped throughout the process - these people know what they’re doing.

PS: About the cover animal? It’s an Opossum. Pretty badass.