Tue Oct 04 2011

Media bullshit

If there’s one conclusion that we can take from the last few months is this: news reporting is rotten to the core. Sources aren’t checked, facts aren’t checked, lies are typed and printed, readers - much like you and me - are lied to in order to crank those “eyeball” numbers.

At this point in breaking news, it seems like anything and everything is possible - bullshit is, no doubt, encouraged. For months, hundreds of thousands of words were written speculating on an iPhone with an air-inspired teardrop design. Photos of reported iPhone 5 cases were shown to the media, broadcast on twitter, plastered on Facebook, for pageviews. Reports of deals between Apple and operators, captured your clicks, your time, and real, actual, money. It was fine: in our curiosity, we kept clicking - everyone else does too.

You are the product, now more than ever. And if today’s announcement of the iPhone 4S says anything about the media, is that ultimately, it doesn’t matter what they say, and whether it is true or not - as long as you’re right there to read it.