Thu Oct 09 2008


I love blank slates. I’ve been meaning to start a new blog for a while now. I’ve always felt somewhat trapped in the Webreakstuff weblog because we have an audience that expects us to talk about products and strategy and our own experiences with our clients - and those are not the only things I want to think, read and write about right now. So I decided to take the next step and start anew.

This is not a blog about development, or design, or strategy. In fact, it’s not about anything in particular. I know I’m going to explore all of these topics, but I’m not going to commit to any of them at this point. I do, however, commit to writing more often than I have in the last few months.

I’ll go through many of the things that have inspired me to start over on my talk at Shift 08 in Lisbon next week. If you’re around, make sure you drop by and say hi. If not, everything will be recorded and processed in the blogosphere anyway. This is a connected world we’re living in, and this is my new record of exploring it.