Wed Mar 24 2021


I’ve been thinking about data silos recently, and that made me want to come back to blogging, as I feel it is ground zero for ideas. But I have struggled with writers block over the last few years (full blown creative block really, as it affected my music-making too). I’m starting to chisel at it, though. Slowly. Baby steps, and this is one.

Anyway. Quick bit of housekeeping here before I move on to other things that have been on my mind. I’ve recently added a couple of quote-unquote static pages to this site, which I think may be interesting to some of the people who end up here:

  • /now, which is intended to be an answer to “what have you been up to lately”, based on [Derek Sivers]’ idea. Derek explains the why of now pages at and there’s lots to explore there. I encourage you to create one of these too if you have a website of your own. It is a great exercise in distilling your own thoughts and reflecting on what keeps your creative juices flowing.
  • /favorites is just a collection of some of my favorite things (between books, movies, tv, music). I love to both give and get recommendations, so if you have things that have particularly inspired you recently, feel free to email me (or DM me on twitter) anything you think I’d be into.

There. See you soon. Alexa, publish this thing.